San Antonio's oldest and largest Modern Mopar Enthusiast's Community

San Antonio's oldest and largest Modern Mopar Enthusiast's Community

San Antonio's oldest and largest Modern Mopar Enthusiast's CommunitySan Antonio's oldest and largest Modern Mopar Enthusiast's Community

A Message from the President

Covid -19

 Like you, I have been closely monitoring the events unfolding around the City, State and Country. With the many unprecedented actions being taken to mitigate the spread of the Covid-19 virus, I wanted to reassure everyone that the Club remains strong and now more than ever, members should look for ways they can help each other and their neighbors. 

We will continue to communicate updates as they relate to Club activities as needed. As you know I put everyone's safety at the forefront and we will continue to follow legal directives regarding public gatherings. 

Please take care of yourselves and I invite you to continue to interact with your fellow members via the Forum and Facebook group until we can gather as a family in person.


"HK" Levi Lewis
President, Alamo CIty LX Modern Mopar


Upcoming Events


21 - Cruise to Shiner - CANCELLED 

28 - Tacos & Salsa - CANCELLED 


 4 - 5th Annual Arms of Hope Easter Scramble - CANCELLED 

 4 - Tower Night

11 - Fenders and Food Trucks on the Frio  - CANCELLED 

18 - Monthly Meet & Greet


 2 - Tower Night

 9 - Monthly Meet & Greet


 6 - Tower Night

13 - Monthly Meet & Greet


11 - Monthly Meet & Greet


 1 - Tower Night

 8 - Monthly Meet & Greet


 5 - Tower Night

12 - Monthly Meet & Greet


 3 - Tower Night

10 - Monthly Meet & Greet


 7 - Tower Night

14 - Monthly Meet & Greet


 5 - Tower Night

Learn More

To learn more about events and other topics, check out the Forum

Event Conduct Guidelines

 All event attendees represent Alamo City LX Modern Mopar and are asked to act according to the following guidelines. These guidelines are in place to maintain the reputation of Alamo City LX as a Club that respects our surroundings and remind members to conduct themselves in a professional manner.  

Please refrain from the following while at events:

  • Loud music.
  • High/Excessive revving of your engine.
  • Leaving your children unattended.
  • Leaving trash around the event location.
  • Any activity near a member's vehicle that could cause damage.

The following are not acceptable behavior and may be grounds for suspension or expulsion from the Club.

  • Street Racing.
  • Reckless driving.
  • Burnouts or other exhibition of horsepower.
  • Behaviors that can be deemed obscene. 
  • Excessive speed when traveling in a caravan group.

Our ability to meet at public places is jeopardized any time an incident occurs. Bystanders will look at us as "another one of those car clubs" and possibly report these isolated incidents to the property owners and/or law enforcement.

Caravan Safety Guidelines

Caravans are great ways for members to travel to events. Our priority when caravanning is always SAFETY FIRST. We have drivers of all skill and experience levels who participate in our caravans. Please observe these guidelines, whether in a small area caravan or in a larger Club cruise.

  1. Arrive at the meet up location one time.
  2. Be familiar with the destination as discussed in the event information thread.
  3. Attend the caravan pre-departure driver's meeting at the meet up location.
  4. If you have 2-way FRS radios, bring them. We use channel 5.
  5. Leave meet up location in single-file (unless directed otherwise at the event) and in an orderly manner.
  6. Make note of the car that is in front of you, SRT vehicle stop fast!
  7. Stay in your caravan group if in multiple groups, and remain in a single file line.
  8. Maintain normal freeway speeds leaving a comfortable amount of distance behind the car you are following but not so much space as to split the group up. If you are uncomfortable with the pace, please fall back to the end of the line. 
  9. Be mindful, speeding up to catch the car in front of you and then having to slow down has a ripple-effect on the drivers behind you.
  10. The LsT approves members to drop out of line and take photos or "rolling shots". This must be authorized prior to event day.
  11. Observe all traffic laws. Be a courteous driver. Remember, YOU represent ACLX on the road. 

The goal of every event is to have a great time and that starts with arriving safely.

Here's a great article with lots of relevant guidance on the 10 Commandments of Car Shows (and events) from Car Show TV.