Questions & Answers


Q:  What does "LX" stand for"

A:   Starting in 2004 (for 2005 model year), LX first referred to the new rear-wheel drive vehicle platform for the Chrysler 300 and Dodge Magnum. For the 2006 model year, the Dodge Charger was added. We now use the Lx designation to refer to not only the first generation LX's, but also as an all encompassing designation to include later iterations of LX (Chrysler 300), LC (Dodge Challenger) and LD (Dodge Charger). 


Q:  What kinds of vehicles are allowed in the Club?

A:  Membership in Alamo City LX is FREE and open to owners at least 18 years of age who own one of the following vehicles (model year 2005 and newer):

  • Chrysler 300
  • Dodge Charger
  • Dodge Magnum
  • Dodge Challenger

Q:   How did the club get started?

A:   Alamo City LX Modern Mopar came to life on June 20th,  2007 through the desires of several area owners to move beyond the virtual realm of forum discussions and into the flesh and fuel world of cars and people.

Q:   My car is stock, can I still be in the club?  

A:   It doesn't matter if your bone stock just off the dealer’s lot, highly modified or somewhere in between, ACLX is looking for you! 

Q:   How do I join ACLX?

A:   Visit the Membership tab on the top menu and complete the application. 

Q:    How much are the dues to join ACLX?

A:    The club has been dues free from the beginning.  The club is supported by member donations. We don't have sponsors and do not accept any advertising.  If you would like to contribute please visit our Support page. 

Q:    What makes Alamo City LX different from other car clubs?

A:   Alamo City LX is a diverse, family friendly club where you will find members out with their families at almost all of our events.  It's been said time and again by members, they joined for the love of the cars but continue to return because they feel they have become part of a family. 

Q:    What kind of events does Alamo City LX have?

A:   Alamo City LX events range from  cruises, meet and eats, charity events, car shows, our signature event, Tower Night held at the Tower of the Americas, and our monthly Meet & Greet held the 3rd Saturday of every month.  Our Events page has the information you need.