San Antonio's oldest and largest Modern Mopar Enthusiast's Community

San Antonio's oldest and largest Modern Mopar Enthusiast's Community

San Antonio's oldest and largest Modern Mopar Enthusiast's CommunitySan Antonio's oldest and largest Modern Mopar Enthusiast's Community

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Our Mission

 Alamo City LX Modern Mopar presents members and their families an environment where they can come together to explore new aspects of owning a Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger, Challenger or Magnum in any trim level. Our members are afforded opportunities to participate in events unique to the local area, cruises, car shows, and much more. We provide an atmosphere where members can enhance and share knowledge, experience and ingenuity with fellow enthusiasts while maintaining an environment friendly to the entire family. Members join for of the cars, they return because they’re family.

Since ACLX was founded we have never collected any membership dues. We proudly proclaim that we are a totally FREE Club for its members and their family. From day one we never wanted money to be a factor in someone’s decision in becoming a part of the Club.

Owners can join knowing that there will never be any dues required, ever, and we won’t have advertisements on our website or forum; ACLX is strictly supported by its members.

We invite you to spend some time to ge to know us, then make plans to attend one of our events and see firsthand what we’re about. After you have experienced the Club and all that it offers, ask yourself a few questions. Have you saved money using one of our Club Partners? Have you saved time/money with the knowledge or assistance you received from a member or the forum? Have you met someone and formed a relationship that you might not have if it were not for the Cub?

We hope you answered yes to more than one of these questions because that's what being a part of this family is about. If you would like to help us to continue to provide great quality information and entertainment, consider donating to the Club and help ensure current and future members continue to have access to such a great resource as YOUR Club.

Did you know that most local car clubs charge anywhere from $10 to $50 a year for an individual membership, more for “couples or family” registration? Not ACLX, we are for YOU by YOU; no corporate sponsors, no back scratching, just you, the great members supporting each other and the Club!

Where Will My Donations Go?

While we are a Free Club, it does take funds to keep it running. Things like tag cards, Member recognition and awards, Member ID’s, website operations and special projects. 

Club Supporters


Tammy Cerasano  

Michael Carman

Steve Edwards 

Brandt Kemper

Jack & Myrna Lewis

Levi & Sandra Lewis

Michael Smith 


Marie Reinke 

Brian  Driscoll  

Levi & Sandra Lewis

Michael Carman

Brandt Kemper